Written and Directed by Timothy R. Martin
Starring Bianca Holland, Amanda Beck, Miguel De La Rosa, Marcus Jordan, Bjorn Jiskoot Jr., Isle Gallagher, James Dean Luce I, Dan Gill, James Garcia
Original Score by Brian Wherry

1. Main Titles (1:24)
2. Monster Fight and Escape (2:59)

Parasitic (formerly called Black Licorice) is a promising sci-fi/zombie/horror feature film from writer and director Tim Martin. Tim has extensive experience with special makeup and creature effects from his work at Stan Winston Studio and Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. and thus, the quality of the creatures in Parasitic far exceed the expectations set by its modest budget. As of mid February 2010, we're in the final stages of post production. Look for a limited theatrical or home video release in mid-to-late 2010. The samples that I've shared above are just a small taste of what's to come...

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